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Joe Falero's mind is full of new ideas. The clave, rhythms and melodies provide him with the musical ingredients to take any tune and apply his personal touch. "Innovator" is the word that better describe this musician. You can feel it in every performance where his band delivers an electrifying show. Their music makes you dance and enjoy every single tune that they play. On his new CD you will hear the magic of his original tunes and his way to take a classic tune and put it on the next level. Joe uses all the Latin flavor's to create his own mix of Salsa and Jazz. That it is why he is !Mr. SalsaJazz!

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Latin Flavor - Joe Falero & DC Latin Jazz All Stars

Joe Falero, veteran percussionist in the DC metropolitan area has just released his first cd "Latin Flavor". His group, Joe Falero & DC Latin Jazz All Stars, lives up to their name. The cd is refreshing because it takes standard jazz tunes and plays them in a Latin jazz format. But the magic lies in the fact that these numbers are not for listening only, these are hot tracks for dancers. There are 8 tracks on the cd and the title track, "Latin Flavor", is done as an instrumental and then sung by Joe Falero himself. The reason this cd works is because the arrangements are geared towards the dancer. Track 2 Tribute to Mongo (Watermelon Man) is done in a salsa format. Track 4 Tribute to Tito takes the classic “Oye Como Va” and juxtaposes the revered cha-cha-cha into a soulful guaguanco. Track 5 is the hip "What I Do For Love", played with crispness on guitar worthy of a Robert Cray or George Benson. Track 7 Tribute to Dizzy (A Night In Tunisia) again takes a classic standard and arranges it so that you have to dance. My favorite tracks are Nos. 2, 5 and 7. The musicians are superb; Herbie Martinez Jr. on the trombone wails away with the mastery of Barry Rodgers; Roberto Tyson on guitar resurrecting George Benson riffs, and Joe Falero taking solos with the virtuosity of Gerardo Rosales: these are great musicians. I would change nothing about the cd. It pretends nothing and delivers everything. It is a latin jazz group that has re-arranged numbers for the dancer and they have made these new versions fresh, and very unique. What’s next, I don’t know but I can’t wait.

Geiner R. Bruno
Aka DJ Bruno “El Unico”

"Packing a heavy groove with a light touch, DCLJAS' CD !Latin Flavor! continues a tradition of Latin-jazz from the Nation's Capitol that reflects DC itself: intelligent and funky!"

Jim Byers, host, WPFW 89.3 FM's "Latin Flavor/Classic Edition"

What a winner! 
!LATIN FLAVOR!, the new release by Joe Falero & DC Latin Jazz All Stars hits the mark...

Eileen Torres
Salsa Historian and Promoter

Joe Falero

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